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Comprehensive Direct to Garment Machine Comparisons

At DIrect Print IQ we'd like to think the IQ extends from our constant and neverending research and testing we've conducted in the digital print world.  We have compiled articles going into extensive detail outling what we've found and just why it's so important we do what we do. 

Epson v. Aeoon
Kornit vs. Aeoon
Brother vs. Aeoon

Watch our equipment run or get a sense of our production flow from right here in house.  Whether you're interested in automation, the equipment or how we simply RIP files for print we've got it all right here.  We're always adding new content so be sure to keep checking back.

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Learn Why Now is the Time to go Digital

This is a collection of very detailed articles making the case for why the digital print world has grown exponentially the last couple of years.  This has only become more true since the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic with a drastic change in the way people spend their money and order their printed goods. 


Why Go Digital?

Sales in the custom screen printing market are declining, but not in digital print. 3 reasons why.

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Which is More Important?

Is it the cost of consumables or the cost of the equipment? The answer may surprise you.

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Return on Investment

Learn more about the difference between industrial machines and desktop machines ROI. 

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Real Life Case Study

This Texas commerical printer changed the way they did business using industrial direct to garment printing equipment.

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