What Makes Us Different?

We truly are better, and we can prove it.

Here are a few things to consider.

Our pre-sale support is truly exceptional. We will help you evaluate if DTG is a good fit for your company and your business model. We take a business approach that focuses on sales and profitability, not just hype. You will be informed with the options and opportunities available in DTG printing, including the impact of competition, and how it can change your business. Knowledge is powerful, knowing how to use the knowledge is where we can help the most.


Equipment. Our equipment is un-matched for quality of print, speed of print, cost of operation and cost of consumables. The differences between us and other printer manufacturers are huge. Have a look at some of our online articles or contact us directly, we would love to show you why in more detail.


Our Installation process is unique. We don’t just sell you some equipment, install it, and walk away. We want you to have the tools to be successful. Before your equipment is installed, we train your operators in our plant for four full days in the operation of our printers and the processes necessary to produce quality prints. But it goes farther than that. We want your operators to be successful at achieving the production speeds that will allow your company to prosper. We show them techniques to achieve production goals and help to set their expectations for performance.


Your sales staff will be supplied support material to help them sell DTG to your customer base. We include technique training, knowledge of what makes DTG a superior choice, and specific sales training for vertical markets. We also support you with guidance on pricing DTG to your customers.


If you have an order that is too large for you to complete, we facilitate the production of the order in our plant, or another partner plant, so that you can grow your business by accepting larger orders than you are currently prepared to tackle. Wholesale pricing is pre-set for Aeoon partner companies that allows you to make a nice profit on the order.


We will help you implement a production workflow that is efficient. Whether it be high volume one-off orders from an on-line source, or larger production orders. Efficiency is the key to success.


We teach you to solve problems when equipment fails, and it will fail. The worst problem you can have is equipment that is down after you make a delivery commitment to a client. We train your key personnel to trouble shoot most common problems and solve them quickly. Our staff is just a phone call away ready to assist if something happens and your staff needs additional help. This advanced training takes three days and comes 6 – 10 weeks after installation. More advanced technical training is also available.


Want to learn more? Please contact us at 682-463-0001 or info@directprintiq.com