Aeoon Compact Micro Series

Aeoon Compact Micro

 40 dark garments per hr  

 Kothari RIP software compatible  

 industrial grade resilience  

 600 dpi native resolution up to 2400 dpi

 order automation capabilities  

 ink cost 50% less than desktop dtg printers

 dual pallet productivity 

Dual Pallet Productivity The Compact Micro has dual pallets to streamline and improve the production process. A single pallet printer, typical of desktop DTG printers, can experience 20% to 40% idle wait time while the operator changes garments. The Compact Micro eliminates any idle wait time while loading and unloading garments because one of the two pallets is always printing a garment.   aeoon saves money on ink Ink cost is more important than machine cost. aeoon ink is priced at 50% less than ink used by most desktop DTG printers. In addition, the aeoon RIP that comes with the Compact Micro reduces the amount of ink used to print an image. The result? The Compact Micro generates ink savings that could add up to tens of thousands of dollars per year. For a more detailed review of this information go to directprintiq.com

Aeoon Compact Printer
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